Protecting the future...TODAY!
Providing a better way for the Independent Insurance Agent to do business

Celebrating 40 years in business!

Providing a better way for the independent insurance agent to do business since 1975.

Proven Success!

We truly believe that PEOPLE are the success of any organization. For over 40 years we have recruited, trained and developed highly, talented individuals to help them achieve success by providing a better way for the Independent Insurance Agent to do business. We have a unique sales system that is easy to follow and is always best for the client.  

Proven Success – we go through great lengths to make sure we only partner with the right:

In today’s competitive environment our insurance carriers must not only be financially sound, they must also be easy to do business with; such as daily commissions, webinars, easy access to information, mobile quote engine and the development of electronic applications.

The insurance agent today has an endless opportunity. Fewer and fewer families are properly protected from a financial disaster and are in desperate need of an insurance professional, not product salesman. With the use of mass media it should be of no surprise that only the agents who are doing what is best for the client will have a long, fruitful career in this industry. We see too many agents and multilevel marketing organizations sell product instead of providing a total needs solution for the client. Our average agent/agency has over 13 years of success in this industry and has created a lifetime of renewal income from ALWAYS doing what is right!

Our Focus

We focus on the Agent

We focus on the Agent

“Consumer Centric to us simply means the customer is at the core of everything! All processes and company activity are done in support of what the customer is trying to accomplish”.

We focus on the needs of the consumer

We focus on the needs of the consumer

Who are our customers?

Our first customer(s) is the companies we represent, we simply help them achieve profitable growth by identifying our second customer, highly talented and motivated individuals who are capable of building loyal teams who produce and deliver consistent results.

Our Clients Targeted Market

Our clients provide financial risk management solutions to the under 65 market and over 65 market. Over 10,000 people are turning 65 every day, our clients number one goal is to provide risk management insurance solutions to individuals and business owners before they turn 65 and make them a client for life.

In reality our working years and the ability to earn income are our most valuable asset. Our #1 goal is to help the client prepare for the unexpected without jeopardizing retirement expectations. This is how we became known as the company that is “Protecting the future….TODAY”.

Financial Risk Solutions

Pre Retirement Solutions
  • Life Insurance
    • Term 10, 20, 30 Year
    • Permanent
    • Return of Premium
  • Disability Income Protection
    • Short Term
    • Long Term
  • Medical Insurance
    • Individual Major Medical
    • Group Major Medical
    • Long Term Care
Retirement Solutions
  • Medical Insurance
    • Medicare Supplements
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Fixed Monthly Income
    • Income Guaranteed for Life
    • Period Certain
    • Opportunity for Growth
  • Life Insurance
    • Estate and Legacy Planning
    • Final Expense Planning
We Network Agents with Proven Results

Networking Support

We help build distribution outlets through one or more of the following: field agents, call centers, web-marketing and providing access to our direct mail program.