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FNHLCorp Sales Selection Process


First National’s Selection Process

We know the past 40 years does not guarantee our future.  We must continue to find the best people who fit into our culture.  Are you highly motivated, intelligent, possess a unique skill set and are the difference makers among your peers?  If so and you have a strong work ethic and are willing to embrace change…. you will achieve a lifestyle that few experience in TODAY’s workplace.

How to get started

Submit résumé

We will review your qualifications and experiences to determine if you might be a match for a career with FNLHCorp and we will contact you for an interview.


We may contact you for a screening interview by phone or in person. During this conversation, we’ll ask you to tell us more about your experience, goals, skills, and interests.

We may invite you to interview with the local manager. This will be a behavioral-based interview during which we ask you questions about your behavior in specific types of situations.

You may be asked to complete some employment tests, which help us predict your success in certain positions.

Additional Evaluation

We will contact previous employers and other references.

You may have an opportunity to job shadow the position.

You may be asked to return for additional interviews with other hiring managers.

We will complete background checks.

Accept an Offer

You may receive an offer to begin an exciting new career at FNLHCorp!

The hiring process may take several weeks so get started TODAY.